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I've been around a while, so I dip in and out of lots of fandoms...I don't have any preferences. That's probably a fandom olds thing. I stopped writing fic about ten years ago, but never stopped reading it.

I had my first account in 2002 and eventually became Rayven, Livejournal account in about 2002 as checkered_fool and dimestore_romeo, had an Insanejournal at some point and I've been here on Dreamwidth since 2010 as dimestore_romeo. I also used to have many Yahoo Groups and forum accounts, all lost to the mists of time...

I've tried to keep ahold of the people who have been in my orbit since the early 00's and have mostly succeeded. For me it's just nice to all still be sharing the same space about a decade and a half on.
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